Case Studies

Data Recovery from Crashed Heads

A "head crash" occurs when the heads of a hard disk more >>

Seismic Data Conversion

A data acquisition client approached us with their 3D more >>

Failed RAID Array

Where two drives simultaneously fail or the RAID is more >>

Half Inch Tape

One of our customers approached us with a half inch more >>

Data Forensics

ACPO Guidelines for Electronic more >>

Magneto Optical Drives

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) has become the standard medical image more >>

Sticktion Problems

When Regal Petroleum wanted to revisit seismic more >>

Electronic/Firmware Failure

When the external electronic components more >>
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Data Conversion, Tape Transcription, Media Duplication, & Data Processing

Old legacy data is often held on media that is no longer used and in formats that have long since become redundant. Modern applications often lack the backwards compatibility to correctly interpret old data formats and the hardware that once wrote and read this data has fallen into disrepair or is no longer available. We can migrate, duplicate, transcribe and copy virtually any format

Data Storage Specialists support thousands of software and backup applications using Windows NT, 2000, ME, Windows 95, 98, Netware, DOS / Windows 3.11, MacOS, Linux, OS/2, CP/M, Unix, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, VMS, SQL and OS/400 and can convert or repair terabytes of foreign or legacy formats, databases, images and compression algorithms into almost any format your system will recognise. Even if your data is proprietary, we can write bespoke handlers for the conversion.

We provide data management services including our speciality services in data recovery, transcription and remastering of old data that is output onto a modern industry standard media. Data can then be managed and monitored against degradation and obsolescence. Using proven cleaning and treatment facilities we can also recover data from old and decaying media, such as 9 & 21 track tapes suffering from sticktion.

Data Storage Specialists ensure that transcribed digital data projects are subject to vigorous QC procedures to ensure all data has been captured correctly, and that index information has been accurately recorded. Quality control is a vital aspect of the transcription process and our experienced QC team will report and investigate any discrepancies. All outputs are backed up to an additional set of media and full read-after-write checks made.

We can transcribe all media and E&P data formats including:

  • 1/2" 9-track and 1" 21-track
  • IBM 3592 3590 3490E & 3480 cartridges
  • DLT SDLT & LTO cartridges
  • DDS DAT 4mm & Exabyte AIT 8mm cartridges
  • CD DVD hard & optical disks

Seismic Tape Transcription | Seismic Data Processing | Seismic Data Management | Data Recovery | Shot Point Datasets | NavMerge Services | Scanning Digitising & Well Logging

Our transcription software has been developed to handle every input tape format. At Data Storage Specialists we deal with all formats – for example Seismic Multiplexed Formats (SEG-D & SEG-Y), Well Log Formats (LIS, LAS & DLIS) and Seismic Trace Sequential Tape Formats (SEISCOM, CGG Exchange & Western Code). Satisfied customers include CGGVeritas, Petrobras & SCAN Geophysical. We do not charge diagnosis fees for any of our services and provide full engineering reports, together with detailed quotes before going ahead with any work. Emergency 24:7:365 service is standard and we employ a no fix: no fee policy. For further information please visit

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