Case Studies

Data Recovery from Crashed Heads

A "head crash" occurs when the heads of a hard disk more >>

Seismic Data Conversion

A data acquisition client approached us with their 3D more >>

Failed RAID Array

Where two drives simultaneously fail or the RAID is more >>

Half Inch Tape

One of our customers approached us with a half inch more >>

Data Forensics

ACPO Guidelines for Electronic more >>

Magneto Optical Drives

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) has become the standard medical image more >>

Sticktion Problems

When Regal Petroleum wanted to revisit seismic more >>

Electronic/Firmware Failure

When the external electronic components more >>
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Optical and Tape Drive Repairs and Exchanges

At Data Storage Specialists, we are able to repair legacy and end-of-life optical drives and optical jukeboxes from all manufacturers, including HP, Panasonic, Plasmon, Sony, Ricoh, LaCie, Formac, Fujitsu and IBM. Our engineers are also experienced with all tape formats from DLT to DAT and from LTO to AIT.

Both optical drive repairs and tape drive repairs are completed using a fixed price structure. Quotes are provided for all optical jukebox repairs and tape library repairs, with estimates provided free* within 24 hours of receiving the unit into our workshops. With a large inventory of both optical drives and tape drives, if your requirement is urgent we can offer you an identical advance exchange drive on same day dispatch.

With six month or one year warranty options, you have peace of mind that your drive will keep on working long after installation and continue to give reliable service. We also operate a "No Fix No Fee" policy, giving you that extra assurance of our workmanship. Once repaired, items are tested to original specifications.

  • Free technical support
  • One year warranty on many devices
  • Standard service in five days
  • Priority service in 24 hours
  • Fully tested using manufacturers tools and guidelines

Here at Data Storage Specialists we understand the often urgent demands placed on your data storage and recovery systems. With the amount of data most organisations use; backup down-time is becoming increasingly critical and potentially catastrophic to any company or business.

Therefore we can despatch an engineer to any site within the UK to evaluate, test and repair your tape or optical archive backup system. Simply call our sales team between the hours of 9-5pm so we can book an engineer to your site at the earliest possible moment.

In most cases the engineer will carry all the relevant spare parts to get your system up and running again by the time he leaves. In some cases we may use a loan unit to minimise downtime, while your unit is returned to our workshop for further evaluation.

Whether you are using a single DAT drive or MO drive, up to a large LTO library or UDO jukebox, simply call or click the contact button, so we can help resolve your problem.

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