Case Studies

Data Recovery from Crashed Heads

A "head crash" occurs when the heads of a hard disk more >>

Seismic Data Conversion

A data acquisition client approached us with their 3D more >>

Failed RAID Array

Where two drives simultaneously fail or the RAID is more >>

Half Inch Tape

One of our customers approached us with a half inch more >>

Data Forensics

ACPO Guidelines for Electronic more >>

Magneto Optical Drives

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) has become the standard medical image more >>

Sticktion Problems

When Regal Petroleum wanted to revisit seismic more >>

Electronic/Firmware Failure

When the external electronic components more >>
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Optical and Tape Data Storage Broker Sales and Parts

At Data Storage Specialists we buy and sell refurbished products and parts, maintaining a huge inventory of drives, associated parts and media. Therefore we can supply virtually any hardware device and offer help and guidance in our specialised fields. These vary from tape, optical and hard drives, through to components for autoloaders, libraries, jukeboxes and RAID sub-systems. All of our products are fully refurbished to meet our strict Quality Assurance Guidelines. This is why we can offer you an extensive warranty on all our products.

We also supply over 4 million parts from current to obsolete components to customers worldwide. If we do not hold a stock to meet your needs, we can source from thousands of contacts.

  • Specification
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Disposal

Data Storage Specialists offer same-day and next-day shipments, flexible warranties, the ability to build drives and load firmware to the customer’s specifications. If you need to get a part to site and do not have the engineering resource available, we can even assign one of our own qualified field service technicians to install the part on your behalf.

Tape Drive Stocks
Quantum SDLT 600 | Quantum SDLT 320 | Quantum SDLT 220 | Quantum VS160 | Quantum VS80 | HP Ultrium 1840 | HP Ultrium 1760 | HP Ultrium 960 | HP Ultrium 460 | HP Ultrium 448 | HP Ultrium 230 | HP Ultrium 215 | HP DAT72x6 | HP DAT72 | HP DAT40 | HP DAT24 | Certance CLL6400 LTO3 Lib | Certance CLL3200 LTO2 Lib | Certance CLL1600 LTO1 Lib | Certance CL800 LTO3 | Certance CL400 LTO2 | Certance CL400H LTO2 | Certance CL200 LTO1 | Certance CD72 DAT 72 | Certance CD40 DDS4 | Certance CD24 DDS3 | Certance CT40 Travan40 | Certance CT20 Travan20 | Certance CT20 Travan20IDE | Sony LIB 162 | Sony AIT-4 | Sony AIT-3 | Sony AIT-2 Turbo | Sony AIT-2 | Sony AIT-1 Turbo | Sony AIT-E Turbo | Sony DDS4 | Sony DDS3 | Exabyte VXA-1 | Exabyte VXA-2 | Exabyte Mammoth 2 | Exabyte EZ17 | IBM 3580 LTO Family | IBM 3590 | IBM 3592 | Tandberg SLR140 | Tandberg SLR100 | Tandberg SLR75 | Tandberg SLR60 | Tandberg SLR50 | Tandberg SLR7

Optical Drive Stocks
Sony SMO-F541 | Sony SMO-F551 | Sony SMO-F561 | Panasonic LF7010 | Panasonic LF7012 | Panasonic LF7300 | Maxoptix T3-1300 | Maxoptix T3-2600 | Maxoptix T4-2600 | Maxoptix T4-5200 | Maxoptix T5-2600 | Plasmon UDO60I-SE | Plasmon UDO60D-UE | Plasmon UDO60D-SE | Plasmon UDO30RD-UE | Plasmon UDO30RD-SE | FUJITSU MCC3064AP | FUJITSU MCD3130AP | FUJITSU MCM3130SS | FUJITSU MDG3130SS | Pioneer DE-UH9101 | Pioneer DE-UH7101 | Pioneer DE-U7001 | Pioneer DE-U7101 | Pioneer DEC-502 | Pioneer DEC-702

Western Digital
Red Hat

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